Where can I park my car

Street parking around the Broomhall centre is permit only until 18:30 on Friday and free over the weekend Map of street parking restrictions
The closest car park to the Broomhall centre is the Q-park multistory on Durham road which cost £5.00 per day on weekends
Parking at Kelham Island Museum is free and there are 50 spaces available. If you leave your car overnight at the museum it must out by 10:00 on Sunday unless you are visiting the museum

I have X allergy or can't eat Y on the menu

Our caterers have said they will handle any dietary requirements so make sure your medical information and dietary requirements are up to date on the SSAGO website

Will there be a quiet room

Yes. There is a quite room away from the main room which can be accessed for the entire evening of Ball

I'm staying in the Broomhall Centre. What facilities are there/what do I need to bring?

The sleeping space is on the floor so please bring a sleeping bag, roll mat, etc. There are toilets and a kitchen available to use. There are no showers in the Broomhall centre however the university is a 5 minute walk away and has showers to use

What time can I arrive?

Access to the Broomhall centre is from 19:00 onwards on Friday. Untill 09:00 on the Sunday. The accommodation will be closed 18:30-00:30 on the Saturday for the duration of ball

Will there be Hendos?

Yes. There will be much Hendos

Will there be table wine?

Yes. There will be table wine. The more people that book on the more table wine there will be

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.