Here you'll find answers to commonly asked questions, these can also be found in #q-and-a on Discord. To submit a question go to our Google Form.


  • When is WomBall?

    WomBall is Saturday the 11th of September 2021, 1pm - 6pm.

  • You say freely flowing bar... does that mean free alcohol?

    Sadly we won’t be offering free alcohol. But we are working hard with campsite site staff to see if we can offer a bar!

  • When will bookings open?  When can we pay for WomBall?

    We anticipate bookings opening at the start of August. As soon as we have a definite date this will be well publicised within SSAGO. When a booking is made you will have 1 week to complete payment, after that your booking will be deleted if not paid. This is because we have a cap on numbers. If there is still space after a member has a booking canceled for lack of payment they will be able to book on again.

  • Is there parking?

    Yes! The site coordinator is also looking at the use of an adjoining field for parking.

  • What's the most exciting thing you have planned for WomBall?

    We might be *responsible* for some exciting drinks 😉

  • What can we wear?

    Whatever you like! As we’re on a campsite you probably want to be somewhat sensible, but think about what you’d want to wear for any festival. Dress it up or down to your style, maybe add some environmentally friendly glitter or face paint! But really wear whatever you like, we just want you there! (Hi-vis shorts allowed)

  • Will there be a quiet area at WomBall?

    We will have a joint quiet and first aid area at WomBall to offer a dedicated calm and chilled space for the event.

  • What arrangements are possible for those that don't drive?

    We anticipate most people will come to site by train. The closest station to site is Tile Hill. It’s a quick ride from Birmingham New Street and easily doable from London Euston. It’s then a 30 minute walk from Tile Hill site or will a speedy taxi if you don’t fancy the walk! Those with accessibility requirements who will be physically unable to walk for 30 minutes are encouraged to contact committee.

  • I would be coming on my own and won't know many other people. Can I still have a good time?

    Absolutely! Many people in SSAGO will find themselves in the position at some point, there’ll be loads of people happy to chat to you and hang out. If people would like it’s easy to connect people with others who are going alone so you can meet people before you’re there.

  • What's the most exciting thing you have planned for WomBall, for those that aren't drinking alcohol?

    Fair question! We have lots of other excitements planned; personally I'm looking forward to the food, currently intended to be a BBQ (with options for all diets), and the funfair games 🏏 

  • As most people are coming by train would you consider a shuttle bus to help people to site as other events have done? (and other variations of this question)

    We are not intending to offer a shuttle bus to the site for the majority of members. Due to covid, we would likely only be able to have a few people in a minibus at one time. This would mean lots of trips back and forth to the campsite for us, a lot of waiting around for you, and would go against the sustainable ethos of WomBall. Also, we do not have enough minibus drivers on committee, so we’d have to get some drivers in, and this would further limit the number of attendees, due to the guidelines from Scouting. Unlike rallies, WomBall will be taking place during daylight hours (1-6pm) and most members will have less luggage, so the walk (30 mins) should be safe and achievable for most.

    For those who cannot do the walk for accessibility reasons (or if you break your leg the day before!) we will be providing an option, and encourage you to reach out to committee if you have any concerns.

  • If you hit capacity, will there be a reserve list for in case people need to self-isolate, etc.?

    Our plan is to have a waiting list and get as close to our maximum capacity as we can by using it. The exact details have not been nailed down yet as lots of things feed into how this process might work.

  • You're encouraging members to walk back to the train station after the event, however it appears a lot of route has no pavement. Since a lot of members will be intoxicated at this point, what safeguards will you have in place to prevent any serious incidents from occurring?

    We will be offering a walking bus at the end of the event so people have an opportunity to walk back to the station with others and some sober volunteers with hi-vis on! Where there are no pavements there are verges you can walk on instead and these are minor roads. Those who are deemed too intoxicated to get themselves back to where they need to go safely will be ordered a taxi at their own expense.

  • Because train times don't necessarily nicely align with the event times, will people be allowed to arrive early?

    Our sign in area will be open from 1pm-2:30pm so you can arrive any time within those parameters! If you have any travel disasters that mean you will arrive outside of those times we of course won’t turn you away, that’s the time to contact SSAGO hotline and we’ll sort you out.

  • Aside from the "sports day games" and the BBQ for food, are you planning on putting on music too so that it's more of a festival atmosphere?

    Yes! We will have some music. There’s another county scouting event on site at the weekend so volume levels will stay at a reasonable level for respect of their meetings. Sadly it won’t be live music as we think taking up spaces with non SSAGO members when we’re limited wouldn’t be worth it.

  • What's the wet weather plan? Will there be a marquee or other shelters available, where the event can still take place?

    Yes there will be shelters! We’re hiring a main marquee and making use of the 2 new SSAGO event shelters. Some activities may also have their own little shelters. If the weather looks a bit drizzly do bring a raincoat though so you can still make the most of the day!

  • Since you're doing a BBQ, would you say WomBall, as an event, is more of a burger or a sausage?

    WomBall is certainly a burger. We will be taking no further questions on this matter.

  • What's been announced so far sounds significantly different to what was proposed to Reps in the re-bid back in Autumn 2020. Are you able to confirm if any of the activities proposed to Reps, such as the "outdoor cinema, music, welly wanging and crazy golf" will be happening? If not, would you agree that this should be being taken back to Reps for a further approval?

    Your plan for "sports day games" sounds quite different to what Reps approved last year. Are you planning to do some of the big ticket items you mentioned in the re-bid, like the outdoor cinema, crazy golf, etc.?

    Whilst some of the specific activity ideas have changed, our overall “festival-style” theme for WomBall remains the same. What we originally stated as activities in reps was intended as a guideline for what could be happening and the general idea of what WomBall might look like, not a commitment to what would definitely be there. Unfortunately, because we were planning for 100 people for so long and now have a cap of 120 + staff, our budget is particularly tight per person. This means some of our grander ideas, in particular outdoor cinema and crazy golf, are unlikely to be possible because they are simply too expensive. However, music, food, and fair-style games as originally bid will still be going ahead, and we thought sports day games would make a fun addition to this.

  • Will mascots be included in the capacity limits? # MascotsAreMembersToo

    Fortunately, mascots all possess a gene that makes them entirely immune to covid-19 and as such, they do not count in Scouting's capacity limits. Of course this does not make them any less valued members of SSAGO and, since this event is named after some of their kind, we would not consider having WomBall without them. #WomBallTeamLoveMascots

  • Since the site isn't exclusive, will there be any knock-on effects concerning safeguarding & alcohol, etc.?

    We hope that SSAGO members will remain sensible and respectful for the duration of WomBall and that this won’t be an issue. We were booked onto the site before the other event was so they have booked the same weekend with full knowledge of what SSAGO are hosting at the same time. We also have exclusive hire of 2 fields. 

    Given that the event is taking place in the day and as it stands members will have to leave site at 6pm, we don’t anticipate people getting drunk to the point that they begin to cause issues with the other event on site. These expectations will be conveyed through the behaviour policy that all attendees agree to whenever they go to a SSAGO event.

  • If it's a festival style event, will the dress-code be more relaxed?

    Please see our previous repsonse! ‘Whatever you like! As we’re on a campsite you probably want to be somewhat sensible, but think about what you’d want to wear for any festival. Dress it up or down to your style, maybe add some environmentally friendly glitter or face paint! But really wear whatever you like, we just want you there! (Hi-vis shorts allowed)’

  • If TSA restrictions ease on group numbers will this affect WomBalls capped numbers for the event?

    Yes! If Scouts rules allow we will increase the capacity of the event. This allows more of SSAGO to get involved, reduces the contribution of fixed costs to individual tickets and removes the extra stress caused by waiting lists and booking on before spaces run out.

  • Will Samir get gunged?

    We’ll keep you posted…

  • This isn't your typical ball so can we check if the mascot kidnapping policy will still apply as if it were a ball?

    Because the potential for spreading Coronavirus will still be present at WomBall we won’t be having mascot stealing. It many encourage close contact with members who aren’t comfortable with that yet and we don’t want anyone to be apprehensive of having their mascots out because of this.

  • Will it be an appropriate event for those going to university next year to attend, as a taster to national SSAGO before getting involved with their club activities?

    Will under-18s be allowed to attend?

    Please see the following response from the Exec for these questions:

    ‘We're happy for any SSAGO members to attend however we'd encourage people to make contact with their clubs or other SSAGO members first. If there are under 18s they need to have two known responsible leaders from their club who've met them before (online) and are happy to supervise them at the event.’

    If you or your club have any questions or queries about an under 18 attending with you please contact them directly by emailing exec@ssago.org































If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.